To become a Indian Matka is a round of speculating which depends upon your two things Knowledge about the amusement. Attitude towards the amusement. It is exceptionally straightforward why I specified the information. Step by step instructions to pick the number and which number would be helpful in your life that exclusive accompany your insight. Information about Satta Matka Game Before you begin entering the Satta Matka Live begin investigating the online sites which are dependable. There are various sites which are giving a similar administration. Pick the best one for you. When you select which diversion you will play, take a dunk jump into the amusement. Build up the technique for the Matka Satta diversion and be an ace of the system. State of mind: There is an adage for the share trading system financial specialists. Try not to put your all investments tied up on one place. The same is additionally appropriate for Madhur Matka recreations. Here you should not put all your cash at one time in the Matka result. Put gradually into the diversion. Endeavor to put that much cash into the amusement for which you can remunerate later without harming your assessment. This all relies on your state of mind towards the diversion. Try not to be so ravenous while winning benefit out from it. You should have control over your uneasiness while into the diversion. I for one do accept on the off chance that you have done all above exercise then you mustn't be a casualty of luckiness. How you can win: To win at Online Matka, you have diverse options and rate payouts. One can wager all in all shot of all numbers being chosen to the fundamental, last, or some other kind of wager allowed by the Kalyan Matka bookie. Hence, it can be an appealing diversion due to the payout increases; however the free Satta Matka game is just a session of possibility and along these lines cannot be beaten. It requires all the fortunes to win at the same time; many individuals are superstitious about their numbers and dependably play them, much the same as the lottery amusements.

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Madhur Matka

Gambling dates back to quite a few eras. It is not something that is new especially to the Indian subcontinent. The Mahabharata has quite a few mentions about this game.

However, there are not many similarities between that era and this; it has to be mentioned that the way of playing has completely changed. Matka practised in the mid to late nineties.

However, with rising legal complications, it was done away with. The Madhur Matka is a form of Satta Matka only.

History of Madhur Matka

Madhur Matka is a branch of the original diverse form of Satta Matka. It is a form of betting, enjoyed by all, and was hugely popular in the mid-nineties.

This particular norm depended on the starting rates and closing rates of cotton; there must be some sort of relation between them. The rates would be confirmed to the Bombay Cotton Exchange by New York headquarters.

The Satta world was definitely a magnanimous industry with the king being Khatri. This was the person behind the scene, the main reason for the fame of the Satta Matka world.

The work Matka also has quite some implications. In the previous times, the betting would take place in a different manner. The participants would have to draw chits with numbers written on them.

These chits would in turn be placed on a big jar of "Matka". Someone would have got the query on how the game got its name "Matka"; it's from that jar (Matka) only. Although the game rules have undergone a sea change, the name remains the same.

How to play Madhur Matka?

The Madhur Matka is just another variant of the satta matka like the kalyan matka. It is quite famous and nowadays is mostly played through online portals.

Madhur Matka is a game of complete luck. Madhur Matka is also regarded as one of the most profitable games. It helps the betters win a good amount of cash and that too in a much-monetized way.

The game depends on charts like the Madhur day and Madhur night chart. It is said that a person who has won a lot of cash and prizes from Madhur Matka online gambling, became the king of Madhur Matka! And yes, he's turned into the Madhur King (known to all with such a name).

Nowadays, Madhur Matka is majorly played through online resources.

There is a whole new online platform of players from all around the world. There is a particular time when the results are announced. In case you win the Matka, you can get it encashed.

Madhur Matka actually helps you earn quite a good amount of cash and that too in a small period of time. But how to play? No worries, but just keep your calm and play it mindfully and half of your job will be completed.

You need luck for sure, but what else is required? Well, it's the knowledge about the game. So the Online Matka experts and the regular Matka players suggest newbies understand the depth of the game invariably.

If you feel that it's worth putting the effort in; oh yes, just do that without having a second thought. When you get a positive sign, don't miss trying out your luck, at least once!

Making unnecessary big bets will be detrimental and would not really render you any possible success.

Madhur Matka is quite famous among players especially because of the handsome strides it provides to the players. However one has to be really careful not only because of the nature of the game but also the legalities.

Satta Matka

Gambling dates back to centuries and is considered to be a very old and popular form of sport. Satta Matka is a special type of gambling and involves techniques that have to be mastered over time.

Although many states hold it illegal, each state is free to formulate its own laws regarding gambling or Satta.

Where does Satta Matka originate from?

The present form of Satta Matka has vast differences from the one originally devised. This special variant started to be played in the year 1950.

It evolved around the bets people made on cotton rates during the opening as well as closing time. The final rate used to reach the Bombay Cotton Exchange via the New York Cotton Exchange.

People placed their bets and the one with the most accurate ones won a random cash amount. It is believed that the Satta Matka flourished as a gambling genre and reached impressive heights.

However, the downfall came soon with regular legal interventions. Finally, the game completely shifted to an online base and the way of playing also changed. Right now the only resemblance is with the name "Matka".

How is Satta Matka played currently?

It is presently a number based game played with vivid intuition skills. Nowadays Satta Matka is also popularly referred to as Kalyan Matka. All you need to do is guess the lucky number while betting.

How to play Satta Matka?

Pick numbers


The first step is to draw three numbers ranging between zero to nine. These numbers are added together and a total Satta Matka score is derived. The last number of this summation becomes your first, to draw.

A similar process is repeated again, and the last digit of the second summation becomes your new draw.

1.  Understand the game minutely


Remember that you can win a game only when you understand it properly. Study well about the game and understand the mechanism involving it.

Select the website where you want to play and chalk out a winning plan for yourself.

2.  Stop before it's late


The only golden rule of playing gambling is understanding your worth. Do not try to push the limits and put more money than you can afford to lose; because sometimes it becomes too tempting to take it as a challenge and keep playing till you lose everything. 

Minimize the risks and then increase your chances of winning handsomely.

3.  Deploy the one-way winning strategy


People who play Satta Matka know of this strategy very well. This scheme ensures that your risks minimize and your chances of winning increases.

All you do is invest the bare minimum in the Kalyan chart. As you, start, to win, the stances, you increase the betting amount after careful calculations.

Where can you play Satta Matka?

As we all know, this game has shifted its base completely. The most prevalent platform is currently online where one can easily administer the game.

While we talk about online gambling games or Matka/ Satta games, the most popular one is Satta King Online.

Gambling is a sport that has been a legacy in most cultures. However, it is imperative to abide by the laws as most of the states and countries don't accept gambling to be a legalized act. In case your state has banned this, be very careful before making steps. 

Online Matka

Innovation! It's become a part of our lives today where we know that the world is getting more and more digitized with time. Be it our regular work or recreational activities, everything is under the clasps of the internet world. Online Matka is a very old form of gambling.

Originally the game used to be played wherein many chits were kept inside a jar or Matka. Although the base of the game has changed drastically, the name remains the same.

What is Online Matka?

Originally initiated by Ratan Khatri - the Matka King, this form of the game had reached its peak in the nineties. However, due to legal issues, the flamboyance of the game depreciated.

The Internet on the other hand has made things a little more promising and finally, Matka was started online. This Online Matka can be played by anyone and everyone irrespective of their location- any part of the globe.

The first Online Matka market was introduced by Kalyanji Bhagat which extends to the year 1962. However, the Warhol Market was brought into action by Ratan Khatri himself.

How can one play Matka online?

Although the convenience is appreciated, it cannot be forgotten that online games pose a serious risk. You wouldn't know the authenticity of the sites and can thus lose all of your money.

Hence it is always suggested that some do extensive research on how the game is played. Firstly you need to choose three numbers which will extend between 0-9. For example, you could choose 5,4 and 2.

Next, you need to do a summation of these three which would come to 11. In the second step, you need to again select three numbers that would fall under the range of 0-9.

This time for eg., you could choose 4,6 and 2. If done a total, the number will come to 12. Now the number put into consideration is the one in units place which would be 2.

Your first draw would be 5,4,2*1 and your second draw would be 4,6,2*2.

When you choose to play online the following steps might have to be taken.

  1. Deposit the money first.
  1. Most websites have a minimum depositing amount.
  1. Depending on the money you submit, there will be points allotted to you.
  1. Your points will increase on how much you win with each game.
  1. Depending on the points you can encash it whenever you wish to.

Should Online Matka be played?

One has to keep in mind that gambling itself poses quite a few risks as it is illegal. Playing it online actually, increases the risk as there is a law that holds both the player as well as the company equally guilty.


One more risk is that you might fall into the trap of fraudulent websites and lose your entire money. It is not always possible to judge authenticity and hence people fall prey.


However, it is suggested by experts and regular Online Matka players that even if you play you take your stances very calculatingly. Although it is a game of luck, playing it mindfully will definitely increase your chances of winning.

Indian Matka

As the name would suggest, this particular form of gambling originated from India. More precisely from Bombay or modern-day Mumbai, this game became extremely popular.

It is one such genre of Matka where you can easily win a lot of cash and in considerably less time. However, the risks have to be well calculated and played with proper strategies.

How did it start?

This game has spread to different parts of the country even abroad and has quite some active players. It is believed that Ratan Khatri can be easily accorded with the status of the best in this game.

The name Matka originates from the fact that originally the players had to draw chits from a large jar. These jars are referred to as "Matkas" in India.

Although the playing pattern has changed completely, the name still hasn't.

The process to play the Indian Matka:

It is a complete number based game. Like the other variants of gambling, Indian Matka too is dependent largely on your luck. However, Luck might seem to be a subjective concept as you won't know how things are going to be!

However, most players believe that if luck is not in their favour, the chances to win are very low.

You can play the India Matka in, the following process.

Step 1 :

Draw three numbers in two sets each. All the numbers have to range between the 0-9 category.

  • Step 2:

When you are done with this setup, next you'll have to add the three numbers.

  • Step 3:

Now the fact you'll observe that you'll be left with two sets of scores as the residue of the previous steps. The number in the tens place will not have any significance.

  • Step 4 :

Your combination will be ready once you pair up the two digits in the units place.

  • Step 5:

The individual open numbers will be those which you have picked up previously.

Rules to keep in mind

Remember at the end of the day Indian Matka is a form of gambling. Therefore it is considered to be punishable under the court of law in many states. Gambling is still not legalized in many places and in many states of our country.

Even if you play it online, the risks are manifold.

Some rules that one might have to keep in mind are,

  • Don't exceed your limits to bet.
  • Remember it's a game of luck and not objective in nature.
  • Understand the game fully before you start playing.
  • Do careful analysis and make a note of the tactics used.
  • Make small strides to get bigger wins.
  • No matter how much you invest, (not only investing money but your precious time as well) there is always a chance of big failures.
  • Keep an eye out for online scammers.

How to play Indian Matka currently?

With the death of Ratan Khatri, the entire base has been shifted to online. Each site has its own proforma go follow. One of the most prominent Indian Matka sites is

It's a dreamers' den where one can easily register on the site and start playing Indian Matka online for as much as they wish to. However, the worst part is that many people fall into false traps. The online world is not really transparent and thus huge financial losses might be recurrent.

Indian Matka is still quite popular among the masses although it has completely switched to an online mode.


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